5 Reasons to Get a Business Card in 2022

With almost everyone owning or having access to some piece of technology they can be reached through, do business cards still work? For many people, business cards can seem old-fashioned in a world where it is easier than ever to share contact information. While this is true, there are still a number of good reasons why you should get a business card, and we will explore them below.

Business Cards are Always Accessible

What happens when you want to share some contact details and you are in a place with spotty internet? What if your phone or the other person’s phone dies? While resorting to pen and paper is always an alternative, having business cards with you would help in these situations. Business cards can also be exchanged when you are not supposed to have your phone turned on such as on an airplane or in the hospital.

While it may sound surprising, there is a sizable number of people who do not own a smartphone. There are also people who own one but do not carry it with them. For these people, having business cards with you is the easiest way to share your contact details.

It is Fast

If you want to share your contact details, you have to wait for someone to pull their smartphone out, go to their contacts and then enter the contacts. Handing them a business card with all your contact information is way faster than how we collect contact information these days. Also, someone does not have to remember how they saved you on their phone as all they need to remember is where they put your business card.

They are Expected in Some Cultures

If you want to do business in some places like Hong Kong, you need to have business cards with you at all times. Business cards are a business ritual and expected when you meet someone. People do lose clients and business in cultures that expect business cards if they do not have one.

Having a business card is usually not enough because your business is also judged on the quality of paper you use to print the business cards. Poor quality paper shows you do not care about first impressions and this can indicate that you do not run your business efficiently.

They Can Be Turned into Marketing Tools

Smart business people understand the power of always advertising their businesses. Modern business cards can be turned into very effective marketing tools. Instead of going out of your way to solicit prospects, you can always solicit them wherever you may be.

Ensure your logo and your marketing messaging are featured prominently on one side of the card.

Business Cards Enable Referrals

Your business cards should mention the services you offer or the skills you possess. This way, anyone with your business card can refer your business to someone who needs your products and services, especially seeing that the business card also has your name and contact details on it.

It might seem like the age of the business card has long passed, but that is not true. Business cards can be incredible personal and business tools if used correctly.